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Church Brain

I wanted to share on this platform how I am no longer going to waste my time trying to wake up the church brain 🧠 out of people. These people believe that Saging, crystals and astrology is of the devil. They are completely blind and don’t realize that it was the Star of David that led the 3 wise men to find Jesus. They don’t believe that Jesus was black!! They don’t see that crystals are used through out the Bible and they don’t research to find out that the King James Bible isn’t the first Bible and that there is another version of the King James that existed. They don’t believe that the people that occupy Israel are not the true Hebrew Israelites. They think that YAH doesn’t love LBGTQ people. These people I will no longer try to wake up!! I do believe my time on Facebook is coming close to an end. I do believe the seeds have been planted by me with numerous posts and videos on the topics. My presence on Facebook will gradually decrease as I pour into growing my followers here and elsewhere. If you are a church brain please feel free to unfollow and I am not going to address any rebuttals.MDJ

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Jul 09, 2021


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